You might have noticed some changes to the website. For example, a lot of Tree-Shirts are missing. Also, clicking Tree-Shirts in the header brings you to not a page with all the Tree-Shirts, but to a page titled Spring 2016 Collection, which has 6 Tree-Shirts.


Our New Approach

Now our Tree-Shirts will be sold according to "Seasons".


What This Means

The only shirts you can buy are the ones In Season and the ones in previous seasons. You might be able to preview next season's shirts and preorder them.


Shipping Changes

Since we pre-make the shirts In Season, they will get to you faster, since all we have to do is find the shirt and ship it.


Pricing Changes

New Prices

  • Previous Season Shirts $19
  • Current Season Shirts $38
  • Featured Design $25 (more on that later)
  • Pre-Order $38

Note: Prices may change.


Featured Design Changes

  • Every Shirt will be Featured Design once in the season
  • Shirts now remain Featured for 2 Weeks
  • Sale will start on Monday, continue through Friday, through the weekend, through Monday, and will then stop at Friday.

Special Edition Shirts

There may be "Special Edition Shirts" that may have different pricing than the rest of the shirts and may remain available for more or less than a season.

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