F. A. Q.

1. Q: Do I have to read this?

A: No.

2. Q: Why would I ever want to create an account?

A: You can use D.O.H.P. Accounts to easily order multiple times and access all your past order numbers.

3. Q: Where in the world is Fremont?

A: It is near this city called San Francisco, in a place named California, in the country known as the United States.

4. Q: Where is all the D.O.H.P. stuff made?

A: In the country known as the United States (see above)

5. Q: Where are the D.O.H.P. Denim Jeans made?

A: In that city called San Francisco (see above)

6. Q: Why does everything cost so much?

A: We pay our workers a lot of money ($72 a day), way more that the $2 per day that China workers get.

7: Q: If I give you my email, will you sign me up to a bunch of marketing email lists?

A: Not unless you say it's OK.

8: Q: What should I do if there is a problem with your website?

A: Click "Report a Problem" below in the footer.

9: Q: What if I forget my account login details?

A: Click on that Contact button above and fill out the form.

10: Q: Can I stop reading this now?

A: Yes.




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