Planting Trees

Planting Trees Worldwide
Increase the number of trees in the world by ordering T-shirts from D.O.H.P. in Fremont, California. We are planting trees in Africa, the United States, and all over the world. Trees clean our air and provide homes for all species threatened by human habitats.


Global Planting
For every shirt sold, whether made from eco-friendly recycled materials or new cotton, three trees will be planted by our partnering teams across the globe. Two will be placed in Africa and the third may be planted in the country of your choice, since we have teams all over the world planting trees. If you do not select a country, we will plant it in the United States.


Who Plants the Trees
Plant-It 2020- One tree in the Country of your Choice
Trees for the Future- 2 trees in Africa


Contact Us to find out more about our teams planting trees all over the world.




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