What are Tree-Shirts?

Shirts Made from Recycled Cotton/Polyester
Help make a better world with recycled-cotton-and-polyester shirts from D.O.H.P. based in Fremont, California. We focus on making shirts for environmentally-conscious people, skateboarders, and hip-hop fans who want to support the beautification of planet Earth.
Completely Eco-Friendly
Make a stand for the environment with our T-shirts that are eco-friendly. We make them from cotton and recycled materials, including old shirts that are being reused and recycled. Our water-based inks won't pollute, and even our packaging is eco-friendly, since it’s made from biodegradable materials.
Sizes & Colors
Our short-sleeve shirts are available in a range of sizes and colors. Blank shirts are sold in packs of 2 for $25. Available in White, Red, SPECIAL EDITION GREEN (Only Homage to Green Arrow Tree-Shirt), Blue, Purple, Gray (aka Grey), and Black. (Click color to see example photo)
Sizes available include:
 • Extra Small  • Medium • XL (Extra Large)
• Small • Large  •XXL (Double Extra Large)




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